Thursday, November 24, 2016

Double Chocolate Truffles

These double chocolate truffles are pretty easy to make but delicious and with a very crispy texture!
The white chocolate blends perfectly with crushed wafers and sweetened milk and almonds play the role of “a hidden ingredient” that gives another dimension to the taste!

(For 25-30 truffles)

220 g white chocolate wafers, crushed
150 g white chocolate, melted
3 tablespoons blanched almonds and grated
150 g. sweetened milk
3 tablespoons of brandy
2 tablespoons fresh caw butter, melted

25-30 small truffles papers
1 piece of grease proof paper or aluminum foil
A pair of disposable gloves

For Coating
300 g milk chocolate
2 tablespoons fresh cream with 35% fat
One wafer grated


Grate wafers and mix with grated almonds.

Melt white chocolate in a bain 
Then add butter, condensed milk and brandy and mix well.
Let the mixture cool slightly and add the grated wafers. Mix. (If the mixture looks soft, keep refrigerating for 30 minutes). 

Wear gloves and mold small round truffles, pressing them with your fingers. Place them on a tray, covered with grease proof paper or aluminum foil.
Put the tray in the refrigerator, until you prepare the coating.

Melt milk chocolate in a bain-marie with sour cream, stirring well. Be careful, not to burn the chocolate!
Remove truffles from the refrigerator and role one by one into the melted chocolate.
Place back into the tray, sprinkle with grated wafer and store in refrigerator, until completely tighten.

When tightened, place in truffle papers and keep refrigerating.  Before serving, leave for a while at room temperature.

Yours and good luck!

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