Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine’s Day Hearts

Fluffy small Hearts, with chocolate base and cheese cream filling.
Decoration can make them ideal for Valentine’s Day!

The Ingredients
(For 6 hearts)
6 silicone cupcake cups heart shaped
6 small pieces of food plastic wrap
1-2 drops red food coloring
1 tablespoon colorful truffle

For the filling
2 slices of chocolate cake (crumbed)
½ cup of lukewarm drinking chocolate
1 tablespoon liqueur of your choice
200ml fresh cream
100g. Philadelphia cheese at room temperature
4 tablespoons sweetened milk
2 small gelatin sheets

1. Prepare the chocolate drink and let cool.

2. Cut the plastic wrap in six pieces and lay a piece inside of each heart shaped cupcake cup.

3. Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water to soften, and squeeze excess water out and dissolve in two tablespoons of hot water.

4. Beat fresh cream (cold) in a mixer at high speed, until turn to thick cream. Add Philadelphia cheese, sweetened milk, and gelatin, continue beating until materials homogenized.

5. Take out two tablespoons of cream, put in a small glass bowl, add (one drop for pinky or two for red) food color, mix well and refrigerate.

6. Fill in ⅓ of every heart shaped cup with cake crumb.
Sprinkle a teaspoon of chocolate drink and gently press the cake to absorb it. If cake is still dry, sprinkle some more chocolate drink.
Add a spoonful of whipped cream, flatten, cover with cake crumb, wet with chocolate and finish with whipped cream.


7. Refrigerate the molded hearts for, at least, two hours.

8. Then, take carefully the hearts from the cups, remove the plastic and put on plate. Decorate the top surface with colored cream and truffle.

Enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea to your choice.


  1. hy Helen,
    just found your space...awesome space you have..
    interesting presentation with yummmy cliks..
    cake sounds scrumptiously tasty & colorful..
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    Tasty Appetite

  2. Welcome Jay to my apace!
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    Of course I will stop by your blog!
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  3. Happy St.Valentine's Day!!!
    It looks tasty!

  4. Happy Valentine!! I love this hearts. Take care X

  5. lovely colors! I hoe you had a great day :)